— Flexible Paper Sculptures

Captivating Greco-Roman-style sculptures made from layers of paper by artist Li Hongbo.

At first glance, the sculptures sitting in New York’s Klein Sun Gallery appear to be impeccable recreations of Greco-Roman porcelain masterpieces.


However, when the gallery’s Assistant Director, Amy Purssey begins to handle the sculptures, she is able to stretch and twist thin layers of paper like a giant slinky.

‘They’re inspired by Chinese lanterns,’ created by Chinese artist Li Hongbo using layers-upon-layers of glued paper.


Via Klein Sun Gallery:


Li Hongbo’s stunning, stretchable, paper sculptures, inspired by both traditional folk art and his time as a student learning to sculpt, challenge our perceptions. With a technique influenced by his fascination with traditional Chinese decorations known as paper gourds—made from glued layers of paper—Li Hongbo applies a honeycomb-like structure to form remarkably flexible sculptures.


An investigation into expression through one of the oldest mediums in history, Li Hongbo invites viewers to experience paper and sculpture in a revolutionary and insightful new way. Utilizing his expert knowledge of paper’s natural strengths and weaknesses, the artist has transformed the media to stretch, twist, elongate and retract as if it were a giant slinky. Through this juxtaposition of playful mobility and a traditional aesthetic, Li Hongbo breathes a unique life into his works that stuns and awes the viewer.

Via: This Is Colossal & The Mail Online

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