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A painting of Elvis by Andy Warhol sold for a whopping $81.9m (£50m) at the biggest art auction in history last night.

Via The Independent: New York Christie’s sold a total of $853m worth of contemporary and post-war art, beating its pre-sale estimate of $836m.


It was the fourth successive time since May 2013 that an art sale of works from this era broke the record for the highest-ever total of a single sale.


The highest value pieces included two Warhols: ‘Triple Elvis’ and a portrait of Hollywood legend Marlon Brando called “Four Marlons” which fetched $69.6m.


Christie’s had estimated the silkscreen-on-linen Warhols would together sell for more than $130 million, which turned out to be conservative in the intensely competitive market as the Elvis piece sparked a bidding war.


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