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Whilst Marc has visited Paul Lister’s Alladale Wilderness Reserve many times, I have only ever been able to listen with some degree of envy to his always effusive descriptions of the place and its projects.


Last week though I was finally able to visit Alladale myself and recce the estate for a proposed fine-art book documenting its uniquely dramatic landscapes, its conservation projects, and also the wildlife that both lives naturally on the reserve or is a part of Paul’s various rebreeding or reintroduction projects.Whilst I look forward to photographing Alladale in all seasons over the coming months, and with the vegetation, the colours and the light changing over this period, I am sure that you’ll enjoy seeing some initial Instagram images from the many photographs taken while I was ‘up North’.


To the right, after the landscape images, the wildlife photographs are:


– Red Deer stag


– Highland Cattle


– Scottish Wild Cat


…and the last but one image is of Marc, slogging up the hill some increasing distance behind me (and risking getting lost in the low cloud).


I shall post some of my test photography over the next few days too.


For more information about Alladale, click here.

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