— 4D-printed Dress

I was a bit sceptical about this and initially, I must admit, I did not like the dress on a purely aesthetic level. However from reading about the technology and watching the video (scroll to the bottom) I’m intrigued and very impressed. This is certainly a fascinating and new subject and watching them unearth the dress like an archeological discovery has made me appreciate it’s beauty.

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— ‘Hell Yeah’

A little heavy for a Wednesday morning? But this video is raw, cold with a poetic narrative. The video by Rag ‘N’ Bone Man is directed by Truman & Cooper and features Vince Staples.

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— Tati

For us in the UK, the pleasures are Jacques Tati’s Monsieur Hulot are largely unknown, but such a treat when discovered.


So it was a pleasure indeed to discover that Movie Poster Of The Week has run an article about the films recently, and also that the always wonderful Criterion Collection has released a box-set retrospective of all of the films.


You can read the full text after the jump:

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— Alladale Wilderness Reserve

The English Group: New Project.


Whilst Marc has visited Paul Lister’s Alladale Wilderness Reserve many times, I have only ever been able to listen with some degree of envy to his always effusive descriptions of the place and its projects.


Last week though I was finally able to visit Alladale myself and recce the estate for a proposed fine-art book documenting its uniquely dramatic landscapes, its conservation projects, and also the wildlife that both lives naturally on the reserve or is a part of Paul’s various rebreeding or reintroduction projects.

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— A Quite Arousing Gift

The English Group: Completed Project


A new 68 page monograph of Katherine’s Jane Wood’s self-portrait photography – the latest publication within the The Quite Delightful Project – is now available.


For all of those that follow The English Group blog, we are happy to be able to offer you an opportunity to purchase this beautifully photographed and beautifully printed monograph (alongside all of The Quite Delightful Project’s other publications, including the Launch Issue of the new luxury erotic magazine Quite Frankly) at a 20% discount.


Just enter the code TEG20 with your order.



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