— Daria Werbowy Shoots Herself

I am very taken with this SS 2015 advertising campaign for fashion brand Equipment featuring favourite model Daria Werbowy (and her multiple personalities).


The photographer is Daria herself… …and I do, as you know, have a thing for self-portraits.

Here’s Daria’s comment on the image-making process:


What’s the process like being on both sides of the camera?


It’s quite liberating because it’s impersonal, in a way. I like looking at it as not myself—I think that’s why the wig thing and doing self-portraits as different characters is interesting to me, because I don’t attach to it at all as myself. I separate myself completely—which I do when I model in general. Whether it’s me taking pictures of myself or when I’m working, I try to separate myself from it and not make it be so personal. I think about it in the third person, in a way, like, “She looks weird. She should look weird.” It’s nice to use myself as the canvas.


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