— Dangerous Women

After over a decade of rifling through flea market boxes and garage sales, art collector Peter J. Cohen has ended up with thousands of vintage photographs dating from the early to mid-twentieth century. Many of the images revealed women riding rodeo horses, sporting men’s coats, and slugging down beers in the most “unladylike fashion” for the time period they were taken in.

Over 150 images of these gun-toting and cigar-smoking women were brought together to become the photography book: Snapshots Of Dangerous Women.  As the book’s introduction reads, “She’s a tough dame, an adventuress; harridan, daredevil, badass.”


Cohen describes the inspiration behind the project: “After 10 years of collecting photos from the flea market, dealers, and ebay I decided to start sorting them into categories. The first was Double Exposures and the second was Dangerous Women.


It would be my wish that people reading the book will reflect on the women in their families and lives.”

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