— Kim Kardashian’s Selfish

“So proud to share the cover of my book ‘Selfish’, out in May! Thank you Rizzoli for making this happen & being the best partner. A big thank you to the Donda team & Kanye for inspiring this idea & helping to design this book so I can share a decade of selfies in such an intimate & artistic way! Can’t wait for you to all see this book! X”


Via: Rizzoli

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— Nendo Chocolates

As part of a lounge it designed for furniture and design show Maison&Objet, Japanese firm Nendo, who were recently named ‘M&O’s Designer of the Year’, created nine beautiful pieces of chocolate that look more like miniature sculptures than confectionary.

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— Iceberg. Flipped

Most of us have seen enough photographs, or watched Titanic enough times, to know what your standard iceberg looks like, but filmmaker Alex Cornell was lucky enough to see the beautiful underside of these giant blocks of ice when one flipped upside down in Antartica.

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— Whiplash

Katherine and I went to see a screening of Whiplash yesterday evening, and can’t recommend the film enough.


It’s simply fabulous, and do go see it.


Here’s a few of the movie’s film posters.

— Last Days In The Desert

I don’t know anything at all about the new film starring Ewan McGregor, Last Days In The Desert, and directed by Rodrigo Garcia, but it certainly does have an appealing atmospheric poster.

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— GIFriday

I’m already fascinated by the Fibonacci sequence and I’m also gutting increasingly wowed by 3D printing. Here’s a combination to blow your mind…


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