— Air Club

This is a magazine cover that is altogether uncompromising when it comes to issues of brand recognition relative to design impact.


The latest issue of the inflight magazine for Air Club.

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— Metropolitan

I rather like the cover of Eurostar’s Metropolitan magazine, December issue, and might have to take a trip to Paris so that I can find out what the lead article’s all about.

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— Rem Koolhaas & Dasha Zhukova

Art collector and philanthropist Dasha Zhukova is launching an ambitious campaign to connect Moscow to the international art world, and she’s tapped architect Rem Koolhaas to execute her vision.


There’s more about this project in the February 2015 issue of the Wall Street Journal magazine.

— Because I Was A Painter

US one sheet for what looks to be a very fascinating film indeed, Because I Was A Painter, about created in the concentration camps of World War !!


The director is Christophe Cognet (France, 2014).


The poster designer is F. Ron Miller

US one sheet, poster, film poster, movie poster, poster, documentary, BECAUSE I WAS A PAINTER, director, Christophe Cognet, France, 2014, Designer, F. Ron Miller