— Typographic furniture

TABISSO is a French design company focusing on high-end, typographic lounge furniture. Their chair line includes letters A-Z and numbers 1-9, and the coordinating floor lamps cover more than 20 punctuation marks.

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— The Sartorialist

A great blog (with a matching book) by Scott Schuman, started as a chronicle of street fashion in New York and now one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers (apparently).


The Sartorialist

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— Accidental Mysteries

A blog about photography, design, art, architecture, ephemera, found objects, pop culture, anonymous, outsider art, folk art, self-taught art, illustration, beauty, esoterica, auctions, discovery, art environments, mystery, vintage stuff and the magic that can be found in everyday things.


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— Words we don’t say

This made me laugh. A list of words and phrases that ex-editor of New York Magazine, Kurt Anderson, found annoying and wouldn’t allow to be used – found tacked to a pinboard by his replacement.


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