— Mr Little Jeans – Runaway

A beautiful music video by little known artist Mr Little Jeans (also known as Monica Birkenes). A Norwegian, living and producing music in London, this is Birkenes’s latest video for the track “Runaway”, which has been directed by Zach Shields (of the band Dead Man’s Bones).

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— Casino de Paris – Identity

A gorgeous monochromatic identity here for a bistro restaurant in Jerusalem, Israel. The typography is fresh and fun, and the use of strong pattern is not overdone, just right! It has the perfect feel for a retro-Parisian outfit.


Via The Studio.

— Musical Table

This art installation is a treat for the ears. Made by Japanese product designers Kyouei Design, it is a table of volume knobs, all connected to a tiny little music box. Each box plays one single note, the tempo being controlled by the knob it’s connected to. The result is a beautiful if slightly chaotic musical score.


Via Kyouei.

— Hotel Marlborough Cover

I can only assume that this is a beautiful menu cover for the Hotel Marlborough – hand painted in pretty watercolour, it looks pretty archaic. Just one of those things that appears online with no reference to its origin!

Via thestwrd.com