— Daisuke Yokota

Photographer Daisuke Yokota was born in Saitama, Japan in 1983. His approach combines multiple rephotographing and printing, applying acid or flame to the end results, and making one-off prints and books from unexpected materials in staged public performances.

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— Alternative Process

Chemical experimentation in old photography techniques result in these stunning large-scale images by photographer Brittany Nelson.


‘Alternative Process’ is the result of various experimentations with historical photographic processes like Tintype, Daguerrotype, Mordancage, and Halochrome.


Do also watch the video of Brittany who talks about the concept behind her work.


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— Carved Cover Art

Inspired by sixteenth-century engravings, such as those by Heinrich Aldegrever (1502–1558), the prototype for this Renaissance-style album cover was shown at the 1873 Weltausstellung in Vienna. Fourdinois joined his father’s well-known cabinetmaking firm in 1860 and introduced marquetry carved in relief that incorportated various woods and semi-precious stones.

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