— Lovers’ Eyes

I’m quite taken by these weird Eye Miniatures or Lovers’ Eyes.


The Georgian miniatures were normally watercolour on ivory, depicting the eye or eyes of a spouse, loved one or child. These were usually commissioned for sentimental reasons and were often worn as bracelets, brooches, pendants or rings with richly decorated frames, serving the same emotional need as lockets hiding portraits or locks of hair. This fad started in the late 1700s and miniaturists such as Richard Cosway and George Engleheart were responsible for some of the first pieces.


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— Allegory Of The Cave Painting

A 2010 archeological study found that the prehistoric Gwion Gwion paintings in Australia, whose chromatic vividness contrasts with their age and their exposure to sun and rain, are inhabited by ‘living pigments.’ A symbiotic biofilm of red cyanobacteria and black fungi sustains a process of permanent self-painting, while also etching the pictures deeper into the quartz wall.

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— Romka

Love the photo on this cover of Romka; a collective photo album in which people from all over the world share the stories behind their most cherished photographs.

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— Fleen Patterns

Patterns are one of those things that can often be more complex to form than one thinks, and here at The English Group we’re fascinated with geometric, and arabesque patterns, which is evident across the blog.

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— Friday Feline

‘Snooky, the pet cat of Mrs. Earl Stauffer, meows in protest as the family parakeet, Cheechee, invades the sanctity of her food bowl.’  Allentown, PA (1956)

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