— American Apparel Ads Banned in UK

American Apparel has had its latest ad campaign banned in the UK by The Advertising Standards Authority, who said it contained ‘sexist’ and ‘voyeuristic’ imagery.


The campaign was for the new Back To School and School Days collections and depicted two young women bending over so that their underwear was visible underneath pleated school skirts.

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— Quite Frankly: The Photographers

The English Group: Work-in-progress


To support the soft-launch today of V.1 of the website for the Quite Frankly erotic magazine, we have also created a series of ‘digital postcards’ to support the social media aspects of the launch.


The first selection that I’m revealing here – ‘revealing’, that’s a good word! – is very suggestive of the breadth of content within the magazine; whether the photography be sensual or sexual, erotic or explicit, you can rest assured that it all manifests a fine art quality that’s not at all typical of other publications occupying this space.


The first ‘postcard’ features Nettie Harris photographed by George Pitts.

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— Automata

A film featuring Antonio Banderas is rarely likely to create any sense of excitement for (even more so if said film also features his wife Melanie Griffiths – and the starring role offered by all of her especially plastic cosmetic surgery), but I do like the feel of these posters for his/their new movie.

— Pirelli Calendar: First Look

Here’s a first look at images from the 2015 Pirelli calendar; and whilst I’m keen to see what transpires, at first glance this one perhaps appears to be less than classic.


The calendar is always an event unto itself though, and 2015 brings a fetish themed star-studded set of images photographed by Steven Meisel, and styled by Carine Roitfeld.

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— Press Kit Illustration

One of the nicest pieces of design I’ve seen in a while designed by New York based Ayaka Ito. Ro And Co press kit illustration.


“This press kit was designed to showcase the 5 rules RoAndCo follows when approaching design solutions. It showcased a heterogeneous collection of items — each reflecting the company’s philosophies — that created an alluring collective collage.”


Via: Ayaka Ito

— Gilera 125

What boy wouldn’t want a Gilera moped or motorcycle after seeing a poster such as this?


…I had a 50cc Gilera as my first motorbike – such fun!


I think this poster most likely from the 50s.


Via: A Stranger At Play

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