— Hauser & Wirth

Hauser & Wirth currently has galleries in London, New York, Los Angeles and Zurich. The new Somerset building, not far from our studio, aims to offer educational opportunities for schools, families and other groups interested in art, architecture and sustainability.


Alongside temporary exhibitions, the arts centre hosts an artist-in-residence programme so artists can enjoy working in the peaceful rural surroundings.

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— Libraries On The Beach

With summer here at last, the idea of finding a good read on the beach is really quite irresistible.
Books and the beach go together like sun and sand, and around the world libraries have been set up right by the shore. From Spain to Tel Aviv, pop-up mobile carts and elaborately designed structures are offering books to beachgoers to read for free.

— The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading

Rising three-stories above the central study area on each wall, the book collection contained in the Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading  in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has created one of the most stunning examples of ‘library porn’ on the planet as well as showing the history and breadth of writing that has come out of Portugal.

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