— Quite Frankly Magazine

The English Group: New Project


Ahead of a new website and an oversize 340pp luxury magazine of erotica – designed ‘by women, for women’ – The English Group has just created a temporary holding page live online; the first public manifestation of the project!

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— WOMAD 2013: Day Three

I have to admit it, I’m not especially pleased with my photography on Sunday’s final day of the 2013 WOMAD but it was certainly no less enjoyable!


After starting the day yesterday on such a high with Flavia Coehol I was not expecting to find a band with equal ability to delight. The programme did describe the first band though, The Bombay Royale, as a ‘Bollywood-flavoured surf-rock band from Melbourne’, so I was hopeful. And from the moment the band walked onto the stage I knew I was in for some serious fun!

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— Vee Laroche

The English Group: Completed Project


One of those wonderful projects that comes along only every so many months; a beautiful monograph of photography comprising two editorials by LA-based photographer Darren Ankenman (originaly shot for uber-cool Purple magazine).

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— Tail Of Wood

The English Group: Completed Project


A new website – designed by Simone, realised by Alice, and built by Phil – for our favourite client of the moment and featuring all that’s interesting in up-and-coming art.


Check out www.tailofwood.com

— Katherine’s Field Work

As the sun is wonderful here today, The English Group photographer Katherine Jane Wood’s never ending self-portrait shoot has been supplemented with these snaps taken in the poppy field behind her home.

— Katherine Jane Wood

Two new images from (The English Group photographer) Katherine Jane Wood’s ongoing self portrait project.


The images were photographed in the Hartham Park lake, close to The English Group’s studio.

— Chalon Kitchens

The English Group: Completed Project


The new website – designed and built by The English Group – for luxury craftsman designed kitchen business, Chalon Kitchens, is now live.