— Katherine Swinging

Another of Katherine Jane Wood’s self-portraits (shot as a test for one of The English Group’s work-in-progress projects).

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— Katherine Jane Wood

The English Group: Work In Progress


Katherine Jane Wood, one of The English Group’s regular photographers has just emailed this first test shot of a major new project that we’re to commence this week.


…oh, it’s yet another of her many self-portraits too.


It’s certainly a very pretty image and well worth a look at this early stage (and, I’m sure, a great taster of what’s too follow).

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— Beach Babes

The English Group: Work-in-Progress


You may have seen some of Marc’s recent blog recent posts mentioning the test photoshoots that Katherine Jane Wood and I have been – quite literally – immersing ourselves in over the past two weeks.


Well, for those that might be interested, here’s some outakes from our adventure…

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— Studland Beach

Katherine and I took a trip to Studland Beach, Bournemouth last night on an exciting photoshoot. Here are just a few Instagram snaps of the beach.


The weather was great and the light was perfect.


Look out for some sneak previews of the outcome…

— Katherine Reading

Being altogether a bibliophile, one of my favourite blogs online is ‘Book Porn‘; and so it’s something of a treat to see that they’ve posted one of the self-portrait photographs of The English Group’s Katherine Wood.


Via: BookPorn

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