— New Yorker

The New Yorker magazine’s October 6th issue launches with the very first animated GIF cover in the publication’s history.


‘Rainy Day’ was created by German artist Christoph Niemann and shows a yellow cab seen through a misty raindrop filled window, with a few of the drops making there way down the cover.

— Wired

Strong cover design for the October 2014 issue of Wired magazine.


Via: Wired

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— Manual

If you want to have control over Shutter, ISO, White Balance, Focus, & Exposure Bracketing, check out this new app for the iPhone.


I compared it with my iPhone 6 camera app and the difference is astounding.

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— Time

Cool magazine cover.


…and what if Apple do manage to figure this out one day.

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— Quite Frankly: The Photographers

The English Group: Work-in-progress


To support the soft-launch today of V.1 of the website for the Quite Frankly erotic magazine, we have also created a series of ‘digital postcards’ to support the social media aspects of the launch.


The first selection that I’m revealing here – ‘revealing’, that’s a good word! – is very suggestive of the breadth of content within the magazine; whether the photography be sensual or sexual, erotic or explicit, you can rest assured that it all manifests a fine art quality that’s not at all typical of other publications occupying this space.


The first ‘postcard’ features Nettie Harris photographed by George Pitts.

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