— What’s Underneath

A mother-daughter duo have created a series of short films in which (mainly) women undress whilst talking about their life story and in-particular their personal style.

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— All The Feels

As part of its Christmas campaign to toy with everyone’s emotions, German supermarket ‘Edeka’ has released this video that DID NOT make us cry…



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— The Forest

Why is that the worst films often have the best film posters.


This one for horror film ‘The Forest‘ is a good example.

the forest, film poster, movie poster, poster, film, horror

— Jessica Chastain by Steven Klein

I am usually fascinated with new portraits of Jessica Chasten and often similarly interested in new photography by Steven Klein. These portraits though for W magazine’s November 2015 issue are perhaps an example of trying too hard for too little effect.


…I kinda like this one though.


You can see the magazine cover after the jump, and the rest across at Fashioncopious.

— The Martian

Having just seen Matt Damon in Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’ at the cinema, I’m happy to tell you that it’s a truly fabulous book… …but only a good film.


It’s enjoyable enough, but disappointing if you’ve read the book. They chose, understandably I admit, to film the book’s least interesting part of the story and reduce to superficial background those parts of the book that were most fascinating.


Anyway, there’s a few rather cool movie posters out there alongside the mainstream options produced for the multiplexes.

— Bare

The poster’s nothing special, I’ve no idea what the film’s about, or whether it’ll be any good, it simply stars Paz de la Huerta and that’s good enough for The English Group

Bare, Paz de la Huerta, actress, sexy, film, film poster, movie poster, poster, siren, slut

— Breathless

A rather fabulous illustrated 1961 UK mini quad poster for Breathless, directed of course by Jean-Luc Godard (France, 1960).


The poster’s designer was Peter Strausfeld (1910-1980).


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— Macbeth

There seems to be a lot of posters out there ahead of the release of the new film version of Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender.


I do like these two though.


Via: IMP Awards