— Blind

I don’t know much about this new Norwegian movie, but here’s the international poster for BLIND (directed by Eskil Vogt, 2014).


…I do find it somewhat intriguing.


The poster designer is Handverk

— The Danish Girl

Film posters for Tom Hooper’s new movie ‘The Danish Girl’.


…and, yes, the lead female actor is Eddie Redmayne.

— The Cry

Arresting layout arrangement on this Czech poster for The Cry as directed by Jaromil Jires (Czechoslovakia, 1963)


The poster designer is Zdenek Ziegler (b. 1932).


Via: Movie Poster Of The Day

Czech, poster, THE CRY, Jaromil Jires, Czechoslovakia, 1963, designer, Zdenek Ziegler, b. 1932, film poster, movie poster, layout, krik

— River Of Grass

Very evocative illustration on this US re-release poster for River Of Grass as directed by Kelly Reichardt (USA, 1993)


The illustrator/atist is Zachary Baldus

illustration, US, re-release, poster, River Of Grass, director, Kelly Reichardt, USA, 1993, illustrator, artist, Zachary Baldus, film, film poster, movie

— Canon’s 4,000,000 ISO Camera

Almost out of the blue, Canon has unveiled an incredible video camera which is capable of capturing 1080p full-colour images at a ridiculous 4,000,000 ISO. That essentially means it’s able to film to a high-standard at night or in extremely dark conditions.

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— The Escort

The Escort is a new film starring no one really and probably not going to be watched by anyone either, but I do rather like the movie poster.

the escort, film poster, movie poster, film, rumer willis

— Queen Of Earth

Alternative version of the movie poster for Alex Ross Rerry’s upcoming release ‘Queen of Earth’.


…bold and arresting illustration.

movie poster, Alex Ross Rerry, Queen of Earth, film, film poster, director, illustration

— Jellyfish Eyes

Super-cute US movie poster for Jellyfish Eyes (as directed by Takashi Murakami, Japan, 2013).


This one’s for Alice who has a fascination with anything jellyfish.


Via: Movie Poster Of The Day

US, movie poster, Jellyfish Eyes, director, Takashi Murakami, Japan, 2013, film, film poster, poster, illustration

— Rolling Stone On OITNB

This one’s for Alice really… …feeding her mild obsession with Orange Is The New Black.


On the cover of the June 2015 issue of Rolling Stone



Orange Is The New Black, cover,  June 2015, Rolling Stone, magazine, magazine cover, tv, lesbian

— And Yet We Live

Beautifully illustrated 1957 Czech poster for And Yet We Live (as directed by Tadashi Imai, Japan, 1951).


The poster designer is Eduard Hájek.


Via: Terry Posters

1957, Czech poster, And Yet We Live, director, Tadashi Imai, Japan, 1951, poster, designer, Eduard Hájek, illustration, film, film poster, movie poster