— Gaspar Noé’s ‘Love’

Take a look at the extremely, extremely, explicit posters for Gaspar Noé’s new movie ‘Love’ which premiered at the Cannes Film Festivalat Cannes in 3D, in the Out Of Competition selection.


Films that are screened Out of Competition are generally those that the Cannes selection committee really wants to recognize but don’t quite fit the Competition criteria.

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— Felt

I have absolutely no idea what this movie’s about – the poster suggests ‘rape culture’ – but the image is certainly compelling.


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— Pawn Sacrifice

Pleasing poster for the film biopic about the chess grand master Bobby Fischer and his great Cold War chess confrontations.


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— The Human Centipede 3

One of The English Group team – don’t worry Alice, we won’t name you – is inordinately fascinated with this film.


So, just for her, here are a selection of the movie posters promoting this particular cinematic treat. …proving exactly what you most fear about the film, or perhaps that it’s exactly what you’re hoping for…

— Far from The Madding Crowd

With Thomas Vinterberg’s retelling of Thomas Hardy’s Far from The Madding Crowd hitting theaters today, I thought it was a good excuse to look back at an earlier adaptation that spawned some memorable poster art.

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— Human Centipede 3

There is no other reason for posting this film poster than the fact that Alice has a minor obsession with these films.

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Everybody is talking about Gaspard Noe’s Love: ‘A sexual melodrama about a boy and a girl and another girl. It’s a love story, which celebrates sex in a joyous way.’


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