— Metropolitan

I rather like the cover of Eurostar’s Metropolitan magazine, December issue, and might have to take a trip to Paris so that I can find out what the lead article’s all about.

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— Because I Was A Painter

US one sheet for what looks to be a very fascinating film indeed, Because I Was A Painter, about created in the concentration camps of World War !!


The director is Christophe Cognet (France, 2014).


The poster designer is F. Ron Miller

US one sheet, poster, film poster, movie poster, poster, documentary, BECAUSE I WAS A PAINTER, director, Christophe Cognet, France, 2014, Designer, F. Ron Miller

— Raymond Savignac’s Film Posters

One of France’s most beloved and recognizable poster designers, Raymond Savignac (1907-2002) created some 600 posters over a 50 year career, working almost exclusively in advertising.


His simple, whimsical, colorful designs, reminiscent of children’s book illustrations, famously promoted Dunlop, Bic, Perrier, Air France, Cinzano and many other companies with an ineffable charm and wit.


As far as I can tell, he designed only ten movie posters during his career, all of which I have gathered here.

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— Criterion Designs

I’ve just ordered this on Amazon and genuinely can’t wait for it to arrive.


The Criterion Collection produce the most beautifully packaged collections of classic or otherwise worthy films on DVD or Blu-Ray, with graphic design always taken very seriously.

— Birdman

Marc, Katherine and I went to watch the new Alejandro González Iñárritu film starring Michael Keaton called ‘Birdman‘. I don’t think I could explain it well enough to do the film justice or make any clearer sense of it than the whole film made to me. But just take my word – go and see it!

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— Free The Nipple

With a nod to one of today’s earlier posts, here’s the poster for the new documentary movie ‘Free The Nipple’.


The film of course deals with issues of sexual equality and the ways that women can bring everyday disparities and inequalities to the attention of the public.

Free The Nipple, documentary, film, film poster, movie poster, poster