— Vanity Fair: On Jewellery

Vanity Fair’s annual jewellery supplement features a striking image of actress Gwyneth Paltrow on it’s cover, shot by Mark Seliger.

gwyneth paltrow, mark seliger, vanity fair on jewellery

— Senna

A brilliantly edited, sobering and quite moving documentary from Asif Kapadia on Ayrton Senna’s Formula 1 career, also the last decade of his life.

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— Dear Marty

A letter to Martin Scorsese from his idol Michael Powell, describing his feelings towards the Goodfellas script.

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— Code Blue (& Cannes Film Festival Movie Posters).

Movie posters are not much in evidence around the theaters of Cannes. One striking exception though was this stunning poster for Uszula Antoniak’s Code Blue which had a couple of enormous banners in the market and in one of the pavilions along the beach. Unfortunately, the film itself was one of the least liked films in Cannes, earning a D grade in indieWire’s critics poll.

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— Disney

As a Trustee of a charity foundation focused towards issues of gender inequality, I thought it perhaps appropriate to post this rejection letter from Disney.

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disney rejection letter

— The Tree Of Life

Another – even more beautiful – poster for Terrence Mallick’s eagerly anticipated movie ‘The Tree Of Life’, starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn.

the tree of life

— The Tree Of Life

While everything in cinema is ‘the biggest thing’ there’s one thing that’s bigger that everything, and it’s a new movie by Terence Mallick (Badlands, Days Of Heaven, Thin Red Line).

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the tree of life, terrence mallick

— The Birds

Have been a fan of movie posters since childhood, and having been reminded so by Simone’s post today, I thought I’d add this classic.

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The birds