— Moira Shearer

I have just found this photograph of what is clearly a young Moira Shearer – I don’t know who the photographer is, but think the image lovely.


The English Group has recently completed a book of the celebrated British movie star portrait photographer Cornel Lucas’s work, and as he was the stills photographer on Powell and Pressburger’s ‘The Red Shoes’, we had to edit many other images of Shearer that he had shot in 1947 to promote the film.

moira shearer

— Tess

This image is a straight un-retouched scan of an photograph I created around 15 years ago of a girl called Tess, for a calendar project and employs no special make-up or Photoshop.

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— Niagara Falls

Posted just because it’s a generally fascinating image of Niagara Falls from 1911, when the waterfalls were completely frozen.

niagara falls, frozen

— Nick Knight

Elegant Nick Knight photographs of fuller figured model Sarah Morrison originally shot for a 2000 issue of British Vogue.