— Two Blondes

My turn to be the pervy one. I have quite an affection towards vintage style erotica so here’s a great image, full of tan lines, by Helmut Newton, 1970.


Via: Tumblr

two blondes, helmut newton, 1970, naked, nude, vintage erotica, tan lines, bed room, room mates

— La Rosa Giuseppe

I blogged this image quite a while ago on my Tumblr that I keeping ticking over full of erotic images that I like. I just went back through and found this one which I quite like (I’m sure some won’t due to the veins) but the pose and skin colour is lovely.


Via: The Quiet Front

La Rosa Giuseppe, translucent skin, milky white, white skin, nude, nipple

— Fiorucci

I can remember in my early youth just how exciting Fiorucci advertising was; vividly colourful, sexy, even perhaps a little naughty.


…far far better than the underwear section of the Littlewoods catalogue.

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