— Time

Cool magazine cover.


…and what if Apple do manage to figure this out one day.

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— Leica: The Beginning

Designer Oskar Barnak’s 1913 prototype for the Ur-Leica camera.


Barnak was working on the design for a 35mm motion picture camera when he arrived at the concept of a camera that used ‘a small negative to create a large picture’.


Via: Design Is Fine. History Is Mine

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— Jaguar Special Operations Lightweight E-Type

Jaguar’s Special Operations division have unveiled its continuation Lightweight E-Type handcrafted by the automaker’s skilled workers in England.


Made to its original 1963 standards, this iconic model features an aluminum body and a classic six-cylinder XK engine with an aluminum block, wide angle aluminum cylinder and dry sump lubrication.

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— Kodak Baby Brownie Special

Walter Dorwin Teague’s design of the the Eastman Kodak Co.’s Kodak Baby Brownie Special which was in production between 1939 and 1954.


Production of the Baby Brownie first commenced as early as 1934, and was the first Kodak camera made of bakelite.


Via: Design Is Fine. History is Mine.

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— Gilera 125

What boy wouldn’t want a Gilera moped or motorcycle after seeing a poster such as this?


…I had a 50cc Gilera as my first motorbike – such fun!


I think this poster most likely from the 50s.


Via: A Stranger At Play

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— Snow White By Apple

In the 1980s, Hartmut Esslinger explored a new design concept for Apple.Snow White was the name of the concept and the lines were called Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey.


The prototype in the first image was presented by Esskinger to Steve Jobs and Apple’s top management in 1082.

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— Leica T701

Leica has officially unveiled the super clean T 701 camera, featuring a CMOS 16.5 megapixel image sensor, WiFi connectivity, interchange lens mount, and a completely button-less rear.

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