— Rijks

I noticed this impressive book when I received an email newsletter from MENDO, a book publisher and online store in the Netherlands. This unique limited edition, Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age pays homage to the 17th-century Dutch masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum’s prestigious Gallery of Honour. Lavishly designed with a mix of oil paintings and calligraphy, it will set you back a mere €6500.00. If you’re pocket money doesn’t stretch that far, you can purchase the Regular Edition for €125.00.

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— The Leopard | A Novel

Written by Giuseppe Di Lampedusa during the middle of the 20th century and published posthumously, The Leopard is set in Sicily during the early stages of Italian unification, nearly a century prior. The novel opens with its main character Don Fabrizio, the Salina family prince and bon vivant. The melancholy tale spans nearly 50 years, mapping the complications of the Salina family with its varying allegiances and views towards the end of the Sicilian state. It is a novel about change: a new social and political order, and a family’s subsequent reckoning with the shifting tide. Fabrizio’s nephew Tancredi, who has aligned himself with the unification efforts, proffers one of the book’s most memorable lines: “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”

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— Zeit Magazin

I love this concept of using two cover designs one after the other (page 1 and page 3) for the new issue of Zeit Magazin.


Zeit Magazin actually carries this concept every week and this creates an excellent opportunity to give more depth to their cover stories.


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Zeit Magazin

— The Forest

Why is that the worst films often have the best film posters.


This one for horror film ‘The Forest‘ is a good example.

the forest, film poster, movie poster, poster, film, horror

— Seven Brief Lessons On Physics

I bought this book for Katherine at the weekend – the only person I know who can spend an evening reading about relativity, event horizons, and suchlike – and it really does have the most exquisite cover design.


Seven Brief Lessons On Physics is by Carlo Rovelli and it’s uncoated paper cover features both a plate-sunk recess for the title text and a lovely use of foil-blocking.

— Keith

Impressively distinctive cover layout for the launch issue of Keith magazine.

The cover for the launch issue of Keith magazine