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The Quite Delightful Project publicationsA luxury erotic magazine ‘designed by women, for women‘.




— The publication is the brainchild of three of The English Group’s creative team – graphic designers Simone Aagaard and Alice Taylor, and photographer Katherine Wood (who is also now the Editor of the magazine) – and the agency is proud to have been able to support the project and help guide it through initial concept to its launch in October 2014.


The Quite Delightful Project’s ambition is to make available original articles offering a frank and fearless exploration of sex and sexuality (from a female perspective); and to celebrate the very best of fine art photography and illustration in this particular sector.


Each issue of the large format publication is accompanied by a stand-alone monograph of a single photographer’s erotic image-making and ‘I Confess’, a booklet documenting the team’s own erotic writing.


You can purchase both the Quite Frankly issue and the Quite Lovely issue now.

The Magazine

The launch issue of Quite Delightful’s magazine is a 360 page publication printed on a mix of uncoated and coated papers with thread-sewn binding that is left exposed. The publication features many photographers from the United States, as well as France, Germany, Holland and even as far afield as China and, of course, from the UK too.


Alongside the essays of photography, Quite Delightful also sets out a number of articles on sex and sexuality from a female point of view.


You can order a copy of the magazine here.


Both with each issue of the magazine and as stand-alone publications, The Quite Delightful Project also aims to publish monographs of one photographer’s erotic image-making; primarily to showcase one cohesive body of work, but occasionally to detail work across an artist’s whole career.


You can purchase any of the current selection of artist monographs here:

Stoya by Splice Pictures

Stoya is an enigma, a cultural icon, gaining unusual recognition as the most atypical of porn stars. Her career now encompasses modelling for the most influential fashion magazines, journalism, writing, and campaigning her perspective on many issues related to gender and sexuality.


You can obtain a copy of the Stoya monograph which is available with the Quite Frankly edition of the magazine here:

Nettie Harris by Mikey McMichaels

New Orleans model Nettie Harris has been photographed by photographers of the stature of Ryan McGinnley and Terry Richardson, featured in American Apparel’s arresting advertising campaigns, and also appeared in the memorable opening scenes of ‘True Detective’ on TV.


Quite Delightful is pleased to publish a 64 page monograph showcasing revealing and sometimes even explicit images of Nettie shot by New York based photographer Mikey McMichaels.


You can still purchase a copy of the Nettie Harris monograph here:

Katherine Jane Wood Self-Portraits

Katherine is both the Editor of The Quite Delightful Project luxury erotic magazine, and an accomplished photographer. This monograph of Katherine’s photography features 64 pages of delightfully candid self-portrait image-making and perfectly demonstrates her ability to create provocative and arresting imagery.


You can purchase a copy of the Katherine Jane Wood monograph here:

Elegia Self-Portraits

The Quite Delightful Project is keen to bring the work of up-and-coming talents to a broader audience, and is proud to be the first to publish Dee Elegia’s forthright and altogether honest portfolio of not just her self-portrait image-making but also her series of photographs documenting her most intimate moments with her partner.


You can obtain a copy of the Elegia monograph which is available with the Quite Lovely edition of the magazine here:

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John Stoddart: Portraits & Polaroids

In the 80s and 90s John Stoddart’s photography was a defining aspect of UK magazine publishing. His opulent editorials of celebrities in exotic locations (usually nude, or wearing the most exquisite lingerie) made for many memorable publishing events, but many other images remained unpublished…


You can purchase a copy of the John Stoddart monograph here:

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'I Confess'

In our desire to create an adult magazine that is not only frank and fearless, but also genuinely erotic, the Quite Delightful team recognise that word-based depictions of women’s sexuality are just as important as the equally arousing image-making that the publication is already well-endowed with; and to this end, have challenged each other to recount one of their own most memorable – or shocking – experiences.


There is also a small quantity of ‘I Confess’ booklets available to purchase separately, which you can buy here:

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