— House made of bookcases

Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio designed this bookshelf-lined house in Osaka for a collector of books on Islamic history, designing a structure where books could line every surface.


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— Movie Poster of the Week: “The Public Enemy” and the Berwick Discovery of Lost Movie Posters

If you think you’ve never seen this poster for William Wellman’s 1931 The Public Enemy before, it’s with good reason. Unseen for decades, it was discovered last fall, along with about 30 others posters from the same era, in an attic in Pennsylvania. The Berwick Discovery, as it is known, is described below by Grey Smith, Director of Heritage Vintage Movie Poster Auctions, who will be auctioning the posters on March 23, as “the most exciting find of my 35 years in the business.”

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— Hopeless Lingerie

Because of various projects that The English group are working on at the moment, I have developed a compulsive fascination with distinctive lingerie (or maybe I just love beautiful underwear anyway), so here’s an opportunity to view a selection from Hopeless’s Autumn/Winter 2013 range ‘Phases’.

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